Course Content

Module 1

  • Introduction to the history, medical research and functional mechanics of Iridology
  • The eye – its mechanics and anatomy
  • Full Iridology vocabulary
  • The tools of the trade, from essentials (provided free) to more sophisticated equipment. The College provides opportunities to try the various options before you buy. Purchases are made directly from sources in order to minimise costs

Module 2

The ten basic genetic Constitutions and their Iris types
  • Full colour illustrations of the basic Constitutions
  • Detailed explanations on the predispositions of the basic Constitutions, to include the pathology of their various pathways of disease

Module 3

  • Interpreting the Iris Chart
  • Analysis of Iris defect markings, lesions, pigmentation etc

Module 4

  • Pupillotonia
  • Specific disorders identified from the pupil
  • Sclerology
  • Diagnoses based on sclera capillary manifestations

Module 5

  • Advanced Iridology
  • The sixteen European Constitutional sub-groupings that enable deeper analysis of the Iris

Module 6

  • Conditions and disease states detectable in the Iris
  • Refining assessments indicated in total eye diagnosis